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We empower more than 900 AI enterprises and academic institutes on R&D with constantly offering high quality OTS datasets and customized services, including Generative AI, Ethical AI and Machine Learning, that enable clients’ AI models to stay ahead in the market.

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Multilingual Intelligent Speech Dataset
This dataset covers over 30 scenarios including sports, entertainment, health, shopping, pet, education, food, travel, and so on.
English Email Corpus
Business & life, PII information desensitized
Multimodal 3D Sign Language Corpus
A total of 8,264 groups of data were collected for national general sign language and sports, of which 8,189 groups were repaired for action. Among them, 75 groups of data were not repaired. The rest of the categories were not repaired (5,366 groups).
Hong Kong Cantonese-English Mixed Speech Recognition Corpus (Mobile)
Hong Kong Cantonese-English mixed data, recorded on mobile phones in a quiet environment, covering daily conversation scenarios
British English Male Voice Synthesis Corpus
5 males and 3 females, natural dialogue, customer service, live streaming, advertising and marketing, training courses
Chinese 100-Person Average Voice Library - Characteristic Voices
100 people, 58 males and 42 females, covering extended casual conversation topics, including female voice, male voice, bass voice, Lolita voice, and old voice

Data Collection

We provide support for data collection in all languages and dialects, multi-scene images and video, and text corpus in multiple industries worldwide.

Data Labeling

We empower businesses with high-quality test and labeled data, accelerating AI R&D, deployment, and overall model performance. Our self-made platform and global network ensure data quality and support enterprises in building core AI competitiveness.

Model Training and Evaluation

Leveraging our massive collection of proprietary datasets encompassing speech, text, images, videos, and multimodal data, we conduct algorithm research and innovation using state-of-the-art algorithm frameworks.

DOTS Platform

Our platform offers flexible project management, advanced algorithms, and support for over 200 annotation tasks, optimizing autonomous driving and other applications. With 400+ models, multilingual capabilities, and scalable deployment options, it caters to diverse needs across industries.

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Data Quality and Diversity
Dataocean AI provide 1500 high-quality and diverse off the shelf datasets, which are fundamental for the success of machine learning and artificial intelligence projects. Emphasizing the meticulous processes of data acquisition, processing, and annotation, we employs to ensure data accuracy and variety, alongside the breadth and depth of its data coverage, can underline its commitment to excellence in this area.
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Advanced Technologies and Platform
The comprehensive data platforms designed for AI applications, including a data engine for collecting, curating, and annotating data, and training and evaluating models. Combining AI-based techniques with human-in-the-loop, Dataocean AI delivers labeled data with unprecedented quality, scalability, and efficiency. This approach not only ensures the development of high-performing models but also facilitates sustainable and successful AI programs tailored to specific business needs .
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Industry Expertise and Experience
With almost 20 years professional AI data project experience, we enable a deep understanding of specific customer‘s needs and challenges. This allows the company to provide tailored solutions to clients, helping them tackle complex issues and achieve their business objectives effectively.
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Strong Security and Compliance
We place a high priority on data security and privacy, adhering to stringent security protocols and compliance standards while handling sensitive information. This commitment provides clients with the confidence that their data is protected throughout the processing stages.
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Customer Success and Support
Dedicated to client success, we offer comprehensive support and services from the initial planning stages of a project to its final implementation and beyond. Highlighting how the company fosters long-term relationships through expert consultations, regular progress updates, and continuous technical support can showcase its commitment to customer satisfaction.

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