Data Services

Whether you’re looking to streamline operations, automate workflows, or enhance customer experience, our AI data solutions are tailored to your needs.

Data services
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Data services
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Autonomous Driving

We specialize in providing comprehensive data collection and labeling services essential for the development and advancement of autonomous vehicles.

Application Scenarios

Logistics and Delivery
Mobility as a Service (MaaS)
Personal Transportation
Public transportation
Smart Cities

Data Production Process

Data Collection

01 Driving data collection from cameras
Driving Data Collection from Cameras
3D Rendering technological digital background consisting of a fu
3D LiDAR Point Cloud Data Collection
03 In-cabin data collection
In-Cabin Data Collection

Data Labeling

Attribute labeling
Attribute Labeling
2D polyline
2D BBox/ Polyline / Keypoints / Polygon Labeling
2.5d bbox labeling
2.5D BBox Labeling
3D bboxpolyline
3D BBox / Polyline / Polygon Labeling
05 3D point cloud segmentation
3D Point Cloud Segmentation
06 2D and 3D fusion annotation
2D and 3D Fusion Labeling
07 4D poind cloud superposition annotation
4D Point Cloud Superposition Labeling