Who we are

Enhanced data quality results in more efficient models, which in turn accelerates deployment. Our comprehensive solution streamlines the entire machine learning lifecycle, enabling swift realization of AI investments through superior data management.

Trusted by industry leaders

Landing AI projects globally

With professional, reliable, safe, and compliant data and services, we’ve delivered thousands of customized projects for hundreds of the world’s leading international technology, enterprise, and academic customers. Our proven track record reflects high-quality collection resources in more than 70 countries, support for all languages and dialects, dedicated R&D and data management platform, and experienced project management.


Some of our history


Founded and business covering TTS ASR data services.


Extend business to CV and NLP data services.

Services covering 50 countries and regions globally.


Services covering 100 countries and regions globally.


Entering the autonomous driving industry, and launched one-stop data processing platform


Entering Generative AI field.


Upgrade the brand.

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