DMS of Foreign Adult Product Corpus

This product library is a cabin DMS (Driver Monitoring System) for foreign adult data collection, solely capturing IR (Infrared) videos and images. The DMS captured 700 foreign adults, with 20% Blacks and 80% Whites. The shooting mode is individual, with 25 fixed cameras arranged inside the cabin for synchronized recording, and an additional camera for supporting shots. Props include hats (20%), regular glasses (25%), sunglasses (25%), masks (20%), with their configurations randomly overlapping. The vehicle models are 5-seater passenger cars (consisting of smart, BYD Dolphin, and BYD Song, totaling three vehicles), and the vehicles were stationary during the shooting. The lighting conditions of capturing include frontal lighting, back lighting, side lighting, interior car lighting, streetlights, shade under trees, oncoming headlights, cloudy days, and rainy days. The capturing content consists of both action and gaze, with videos for action capture and images for gaze capture, along with calibration data. The video action capture scenarios are divided into 18 basic scenes and 8 additional scenes, totaling 26 categories. All data include the first 18 basic actions, and some data also include the additional 8 scenes. During the action scene capture, the collectors will simultaneously collect head movements, which are divided into two actions. The collectors randomly perform one of the two actions, with each action accounting for 50% overall. The DMS product library captured approximately 730,000 video segments, with each segment lasting around 30 seconds (700 * 18 * 25 * [lighting conditions]). It also captured approximately 204,554,000 gaze and action images (700 * (11 * 25 * 19 + 19 * 26 * 19) * [lighting conditions]), 700,000 original calibration images (700 * 40 * 25), and another 700,000 calibration output images (700 * 40 * 25), which are stored in the images, detection, and reprojection folders respectively.
The product library size is approximately 45TB, containing over 23,950,000 files.
The data comprises 70% males and 30% females.
Collection environment
The images capture for action and gaze includes 30 gaze positions inside the car, with 11 fixed camera positions and 19 mobile camera positions. When the gaze is directed towards a fixed camera position, 25 fixed camera images are captured simultaneously; when the gaze is directed towards a mobile camera position, 25 fixed camera images and 1 mobile camera image are captured simultaneously.

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