Unleashing Data Potential —— Sora Leads a New Era

Sora is an AI video synthesis model trained on a large scale of video data, which can create realistic and imaginative scenes according to text instructions. OpenAI is teaching artificial intelligence to understand and simulate the physical world in motion, with the goal of training models to help people solve problems that require interaction with […]

Google Open Sources Lite Version of Gemini – Gemma

Following the continuous promotion of its own models by Open AI to showcase their impressive effects, Google has finally launched the first shot in the open source of large models. Recently, Google introduced the Gemma series, a globally powerful and lightweight open-source large model. Gemma adopts the same technology as Gemini and belongs to the […]

Apple Vision Pro — second most impressive tech since the iPhone

In the United States, Apple officially launched Apple Vision Pro and began accepting pre-orders at 8:00 a.m. on January 19th. Following the usual pattern of initial releases for Apple’s new products, the first batch of inventory quickly sold out. Within a few hours, the shipping dates for new orders were already pushed back to mid-March. […]

Palworld——The Spark of AI+Game

It has only been a month since the start of 2024, and already there is a huge controversy over a highly profitable game – Palworld, an open-world exploration game. In Palworld, you can choose to enjoy a leisurely life with the magical creatures ‘Pals’, or embark on adventures fighting against poachers. Pals can fight, breed, […]

WuDaoCorpora: A super large-scale Chinese corpora for pre-training language models

Overview Building pre-trained language models (PLMs) with more parameters using large-scale training data significantly enhances the performance of downstream tasks. Taking the GPT-3 model trained by OpenAI as an example, with 175 billion parameters and 570GB of English training data, downstream applications can be developed with minimal samples. However, there is a shortage of Chinese […]